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MORE THAN JUST GHOSTS ~ out now at Folk ‘Til Ya Punk Records ~

Holy fucking shit!! This album is just outstanding.
– Jesse, Days ‘n’ Daze

Lacey’s Redemption (More Than Just Ghosts 2020) follows the story on from ‘Matthew Brady’ (Well Hanged 2015). It tells of how George Lacey (1799 – 1827), who betrayed revolutionary leader Brady, sought to make amends, and how his actions and words led to the closure of Sarah Island, Van Diemen’s Lands most notorious concentration camp (then known as a penal colony). This was filmed and edited by Quinton Trembath while with The Dead Maggies in Indonesia.

The Dead Maggies treat history as living stories, retold in an attempt to change the future. In their hands the aspirations and oppressions of our ancestors are more than just ghosts.
– Andy Paine (full review here)

Port Arthur (More Than Just Ghosts 2020) remembers the tragic massacre of 1996 at Port Arthur where before, in the 1800’s, a penal colony (like a detention centre) enslaved and tortured convict-immigrants. This track is not so much a story than a zeitgeist about the tragedy and guns. Video made by Stormcrow Framework in Hobart, Tasmania.

MORE THAN JUST GHOSTS was an international effort recorded across the 5,566 km between Bandung, Java and Hobart, Tasmania and is The Dead Maggies’ 2nd full album and 5th release. Read all about it and listen to the whole thing here.

This is what folk punk’s all about.
– London Celtic Punks (full review here)

At Port Fairy Folk Festival 2017 by Sam Gummer

Storytellers and music makers, The Dead Maggies weave legends from Van Diemen’s Land’s dark and turbulent history into heavy drums, acoustic instruments, gang vocals and fast, wild, powerful folk-punk music. Lariken adventure songs of bush pirates and rebels mix with past and present tragedies; drawing from accounts of old oppression the plight of modern Australia.

Black Mary (Well Hanged 2015) tells the story of the rebel and resistance fighter Mary Cockeril (1978/9 – 1819), a Tasmanian Aboriginal whose original name is unknown. Stolen from her family as a child, she escaped her captors and joined the bushranger Michael Howe (More Than Just Ghosts 2020) as partner in love and battle. She tought the escaped convict-slaves how to survive. Together they led an army of over a hundred bushrangers in outright rebellion and revolution against the British Empire. Edited by Alex Carey & Morgaine Petrovitch, filmed by same plus Katherine Tattersall.

The Dead Maggies slammed into the Tasmanian music scene in 2013, they’ve since repeatedly toured Australia, Europe & S.E. Asia; played gigs on tall ships, at the biggest festivals, and in pubs, clubs, fields and warehouses. Their 5 releases to date have received critical acclaim, rave reviews and featured on national and international radio.

Jorgen Jorgenson (Well Hanged 2015). Rebel, viking, pirate, bush ranger, spy, gambler, drunkard. Born in Denmark in 1780 he fought in wars sinking British ships, briefly took power of Iceland for 50 days, generally pirated around the world when not in prison for gambling debts, before dying drunk in a gutter in Tasmania in 1841. Edited by Josh Troy, filmed by same plus Katherine Tattersall and others, made by everyone (see video).

In the 7 non-stop years since Maggie Thatcher died and The Dead Maggies were born they have produced a series of powerful releases; ‘Sing About Dead People’ (2013), ‘Well Hanged’ (2015), the double EP release of ‘Wild Dog’s & Flannies’ and ‘The Wild Folk’ (2017) and now ‘More Than Just Ghosts’ (2020).

Tommy Pieman (Well Hanged 2015) is the story of Thomas Kent who was accused of making humans into pies. Sent to Tasmania’s widely feared penal colony for this crime, he escaped through the wild bush before meeting his fate at the now named Pieman’s River. Edited by Alex Carey & Morgaine Petrovitch, filmed by same plus Katherine Tattersall.

Released through the Folk ‘Til Ya Punk Records collective, you can get all their music at www.folktilyapunk.com except for ‘Sing about dead people’ (2013) which is now only available in digital at bandcamp.

Through Folk ‘Til Ya Punk Records, The Dead Maggies are also involved in organising HOBOFOPO – a folk punk community festival held annually in Tasmania, attracting acts like Days ‘n’ Daze (USA), AJJ (USA), Crywank (UK), Crooked Fiddle Band (AUS) and Sydney City Trash (AUS) to their little island. So The Dead Maggies have played with all those bands along with a bunch of other amazing international acts as well as performing at events like Boomtown (UK), Falls Festival (AUS), Taste of Tasmania (AUS) and Port Fairy Folk Festival (AUS) not to mention everything else. A lot happens in 7 years really.

Huon Valley Mid-Winter Festival 2018 (at Willie Smith’s Apple Shed) by
Nat Mendham.

The Dead Maggies were just getting their shit together with a new drummer to tour MORE THAN JUST GHOSTS when COVID-19 came to town. So look out for new gigs as soon as that passes. The Dead Maggies are: Gruf Mongrel (Gareth Davies), Mark Downie, Hannah Morrell, Teresa Dixon & David Dixon (no relation there by the way).

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