WELL HANGED – available now at www.folktilyapunk.com.

TWO FREE DOWNLOADS from Well Hanged available at TripleJ Unearthed.

Sing about dead people – entire debut release online..

Tommy Pieman (third single from Well Hanged)

Black Mary (second single from Well Hanged)

The Legend of Jorgen Jorgenson (debut single) 

Live at Huon Valley Mid-Winter Feast 2015

“Bound in Chains” (A short history of Australia) – Live @ Minyon Falls 2015

“Tin Miner” – Live at Huon Valley Mid-Winter Feast 2015

The Dead Maggies European Tour 2014 Mash Up

Live @ Forest Cafe, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2014!

Live in Liege, 2014 – Good Ship Venus (trad)

Live @ForestCafe, Edinburgh, 2014 “Snakebite”.

The Dead Maggies first year – Pozible campaign 2014 –

“The Dead Maggies care about you” – Dry July (Pozible campaign video 2)

Live @ The Brisbane Hotel, it’s 1.30am, time for an encore… The Good Ship Venus (trad) – if we cover a song. its a good song.

Live on ABC Local Radio (including a new song not available on the album ‘The Truck Drivers Last Waltz):

George III (under D’entrecasteaux) music video:

And a song called Thylacine (down Savage River).

More audios and videos coming soon. You can hear more music by The Dead Maggies here too: TripleJunearthed.