More Than Just Ghosts (2020)
Wild Dog’s & Foxes (2017)
The Wild Folk (2017)
Well Hanged (2015)

Sing About Dead People (2013)
– Is on bandcamp for pay what ya want

Some free tracks available at TripleJ Unearthed.

Three Dead Maggies live on ABC Hobart July 2017

The Dead Maggies play live on Your Afternoon.

Posted by ABC Hobart on Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Tommy Pieman (third single from Well Hanged)

Black Mary (second single from Well Hanged)

The Legend of Jorgen Jorgenson (debut single)

Live at Huon Valley Mid-Winter Feast 2015

“Bound in Chains” (A short history of Australia) – Live @ Minyon Falls 2015

“Tin Miner” – Live at Huon Valley Mid-Winter Feast 2015

The Dead Maggies European Tour 2014 Mash Up

Live @ Forest Cafe, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2014!

Live in Liege, 2014 – Good Ship Venus (trad)

Live @ForestCafe, Edinburgh, 2014 “Snakebite”.

The Dead Maggies first year – Pozible campaign 2014 

“The Dead Maggies care about you” – Dry July (Pozible campaign video 2)

Live @ The Brisbane Hotel, it’s 1.30am, time for an encore… The Good Ship Venus (trad) – if we cover a song. its a good song.

Live on ABC Local Radio (including a new song not available on the album ‘The Truck Drivers Last Waltz):

George III (under D’entrecasteaux) music video:

And a song called Thylacine (down Savage River).

More audios and videos coming soon. You can hear more music by The Dead Maggies on TripleJunearthed, and get full albums here: