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For our 3rd birthday we made our first release ‘Sing about dead people’ available to download for FREE here! You’re welcome x

We will make it easier to buy our other merch soon, as well as add some new cool stuff. For the moment please contact us at [email protected] make a purchase / enquiry.

All our merch is as ethical as we can manage – so recycled paper and cardboard, recycled cotton / clothes, fair-trade, living wages,  DIY, all that sort of thing – feel free to ask more about specific products as this varies.

We also work with a variable pricing range, because we understand that some people are rich and some are poor, so suggested price ranges are listed. If you’re making an offer, keep in mind that all our stuff costs us a lot to make because we use good quality stuff and ethical suppliers.

Thanks, The Dead Maggies.

HOODIES! $40-45.  hoodies highres

Yummy white logo on black hoodie, printed eithically by FifthColum, on ‘Continental’ brand fair-trade cotton! Small number of European Tour stock left (has big TDM design on back along with tour dates, see tshirts)! More hoodies coming soon too, email us! A hoodie for every emotion, as modelled by the notorious Samora Squid.

T-SHIRTS! $25-30.   tshirt front design minitshirt back design mini
Sexy uni-sex fitted t-shirts in purple with black logo on front and dark grey with white logos front and back (European Tour edition)! Printed ethically by FifthColumn on ‘SALVAGE’ brand recycled cotton. Mmmm these are tasty shirts. We have quite a few XS left, and these look good when worn tight, so suit size S or M people if you like to show off your sexy beer-belly figure. Artists impression! Genuine photo’s coming soon!

LIMITED-EDITION SCROLLS! (with music download!) $10-20 – you decide!scrolls

Limited edition print of a sketch inspired by our song Thylacine, drawn by our Mongrel, based on a photograph taken in 1869 known as ‘Bagged thylacine’. The scrolls also have download codes for two songs; Tylacine and The Farmer. – sorry these are gone now x

CD’s! $10-15 – you decide! cdsSing about dead people – that’s right, a genuine old fashioned CD, with case and lyrics sheet! Yum. – sorry these are gone too now x

PATCHES! $tbc. LOGO BW CIRCLE HANDThere are a few fairly poor quality ones left over from our last run, we will get around to doing more soon, so if you want something big or good quality you could put in a pre-order!

BADGES! $1-2. badges Photo is mostly TDM badges… posting you one badge would be silly, come to a gig and buy one!

POSTCARDS! $1-2.  postcardWe would post you one postcard, but it might have a stamp on it…

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD! $5+ (you decide)